The Basics of Accessorizing

A few basic guidelines to keep in mind when you are attempting to match accessories to update your clothing are similar to the guidelines used to choose other coordinates. Shoes, hats, ties and handbags all require the use of good taste and common sense when selecting them. If you are wearing casual clothing, wear jewelry that is also casual in style. An informal outing requires that you choose very informal jewelry. You don’t have to give up jewelry all together for these events however, think simple. A simple plain and short gold chain will look much better, and be more comfortable than wearing a long dangling string of pearls. If you want to dress the chain up a little for an informal occasion choose a simple pendant. For dressier occasions use the same chain but add a more dramatic pendant. Never wear expensive or sentimental jewelry to an outdoor event.
Take a look through the fashion trend resources such as magazines and online pictures. Avoid studying the look of the model but instead focus on the contours and styles of the jewelry and other accessories. Note the color and shade of the accessories. This will indicate any new trends that may be emerging. The shape of the jewelry will also help you determine what kinds and styles of jewelry will be in style in the coming months. You may not be able to afford to purchase the same brand of accessories the model is displaying but you can recreate the look by matching your accessory shape, size and color with those that you see in the picture.
Keep in mind that under dressing is always preferable to over dressing. This holds true with accessorizing too. If you are ever unsure about how to update the accessories for any particular event, wear less. If you get to an event and feel over dressed go ahead and slip off a piece.