Jewelry is probably the most common accessory. Many women wear jewelry every day. Jewelry can be worn with any type of outfit from casual to formal and helps to add a little extra to your outfit.

If you wear jewelry often, you may want to buy a large variety of jewelry so you have more options. There are many pieces of jewelry that will fit with any type of outfit, but it’s always good to have a variety so you can pick and choose and mix and match.

If you never wear jewelry, you may want to try it sometimes. You may not wear jewelry because you feel it gets in the way, but not all jewelry does. If you have piercings, you can find jewelry that will fit in those piercings without getting in the way such as studs in your ear. They look great, and never get in the way of normal activities.

Jewelry helps to add to your outfit. Some outfits aren’t complete without a piece of jewelry, especially when you’re going formal. Formal attire practically requires a pair of earrings and a necklace. It’s always good to have a piece of jewelry on hand just in case you need to add something to your outfit, even if you think you’ll never wear anything fancy.

Jewelry comes in many varieties including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and other jewelry for piercings. Jewelry is easy to find as well. Almost any clothing store sells jewelry at fairly a low price. You don’t have to pay a lot for this accessory and it will always make you look cute and give you that extra that you need for your outfit to be complete.

Easy Accessories

Accessories are easy to come by and easy to add to any outfit. You can find accessories in almost any store that carries clothing. We see common accessories everywhere such as jewelry, scarves, belts, bags, and many more. You can add these common accessories to any outfit.

Jewelry can be worn with anything. Sometimes it is more appropriate to wear plenty of jewelry when at other times you should only wear a small amount. Jewelry is probably the easiest accessory to use because of how easy it is to come by and how a piece of jewelry can match with almost any outfit. You may find that one piece of jewelry will match every piece of clothing you own. Not only is it easy, but it look great as well.

Scarves are another easy accessory because they can so easily be worn, they are cheap, and are quite easy to come by as well. Scarves are not as easy as jewelry because they don’t match with everything, but you can most likely match one scarf to several outfits in your closet.

Belts are great because they can be worn with a variety of pants, and if you buy one belt at a cheap price, you can wear it every day and will definitely get your money out of it. One belt will go with any pair of jeans, and any pair of jeans will go with any belt you desire. Belts look great, are easy to come by, and are quite useful to an outfit.

One bag can be carried around with hundreds of different types of outfits. Many bags will go with practically any outfit. It’s easy to have one bag so that you don’t have to change the contents of the bag each day. A bag is an easy accessory because they can be cheap, carried around every day, and are very useful.

Adding Accessories

It is commonly known that women spend a lot more time preparing for public than men do. We apply makeup to our faces, curl, straighten, or twist our hair, and spend almost even more time deciding on an outfit for the day, dressing and redressing until we get it right. But when we look in the mirror, there’s still something missing from our perfect outfit, hair, and makeup.

Accessories are a cheap, easy way to add to any outfit. You can add a wide range of accessories from jewelry to handbags to belts and hairpieces. You can buy accessories that will go well with almost any outfit and mix and match every day. Accessories are fun and are more attractive to the eye.

One cheap accessory idea is a simple pair of earrings. A simple pair of earrings go with any outfit. When you buy earrings, they usually come with several different pairs sold together, so you can get several pairs of earrings to mix and match in one purchase. Jewelry is a great accessory and it doesn’t have to be just a simple pair of earrings. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets add to an outfit also.

Another idea is an attractive belt. You can wear a belt with any pair of jeans, and even with other pants such as khakis. Even if you don’t necessarily need the belt to hold your pants up, it will add to the outfit. Try buying several different types of belts to match with different outfits such as a simple one, a colorful one, and perhaps one with a crazy design. Buy what you think you will wear and what will fit with your outfits.

Another accessory idea is a scarf. Scarves can’t go with any outfit, but it can spice up a certain outfit. Find an outfit that would look good with a scarf so when you go shopping you know what scarves will match or if you have an outfit to go with the scarf you want. You may want to look for one that will match several outfits.

The Basics of Accessorizing

A few basic guidelines to keep in mind when you are attempting to match accessories to update your clothing are similar to the guidelines used to choose other coordinates. Shoes, hats, ties and handbags all require the use of good taste and common sense when selecting them. If you are wearing casual clothing, wear jewelry that is also casual in style. An informal outing requires that you choose very informal jewelry. You don’t have to give up jewelry all together for these events however, think simple. A simple plain and short gold chain will look much better, and be more comfortable than wearing a long dangling string of pearls. If you want to dress the chain up a little for an informal occasion choose a simple pendant. For dressier occasions use the same chain but add a more dramatic pendant. Never wear expensive or sentimental jewelry to an outdoor event.
Take a look through the fashion trend resources such as magazines and online pictures. Avoid studying the look of the model but instead focus on the contours and styles of the jewelry and other accessories. Note the color and shade of the accessories. This will indicate any new trends that may be emerging. The shape of the jewelry will also help you determine what kinds and styles of jewelry will be in style in the coming months. You may not be able to afford to purchase the same brand of accessories the model is displaying but you can recreate the look by matching your accessory shape, size and color with those that you see in the picture.
Keep in mind that under dressing is always preferable to over dressing. This holds true with accessorizing too. If you are ever unsure about how to update the accessories for any particular event, wear less. If you get to an event and feel over dressed go ahead and slip off a piece.

What to Wear to Casual Events

It is difficult to decide what kind of jewelry and accessories to wear when you go to Parent Teacher Association meetings or out to a casual luncheon with friends. A dressier outfit is usual in order but you don’t want to over dress either. If you wear your slacks and sweater, you may be too casual. The choice is usually to wear a dressier outfit that is simple in line and fabric.
Select a simple dress with simple lines and fabric patterns. A simple pant suit is very stylish these days and they provide a traditional classy look. These kind of attires can be dressed up just a little with a single piece of jewelry such as a single brooch or a gold chain. If you want to make the piece even more dressy choose a multi-strand necklace that hangs long in the front. A selection of cuff bracelets are almost always a good choice. Wear an assortment of metals or faux materials from different colors and designs for the most dramatic look. Never wear too much jewelry to these events. It would be better to wear a single dramatic brooch rather than multiple necklaces.
Evening occasions are the opportunity to wear the best jewelry in the case. Wear elegant and very flashy pieces whenever you have an after dark event. The bigger diamonds, rhinestones and pearls are always appropriate for these late events. At these times you can select and outfit with more ruffles, lower necklines and shorter hemlines. Then add a select amount of jewelry to the attire.
Darker colors are generally worn to events after dark. The dress itself may have sequins. In this case break out the most shiny piece of jewelry that you have and you will turn heads when you enter the room. No doubt choosing the right accessories for the right event will make you look stylish and up to date regardless of the clothing creation date.

Choosing Earrings to Update Your Outfit

A bad pair of earrings will ruin the best outfit. People should always consider the outfit first and select earrings based on the outfit and the look they are trying to achieve. There is a large selection of jewelry and accessories to choose from. Even better, they come in all price breaks which is convenient for practically any budget. Choose earrings based on what looks good to the event and attire you are wearing, rather than what the sales clerk may be pushing.
Whenever shopping for jewelry or any kind of accessories always set a budget first and stick to it. The shopper can be so tempted to choose items that they cannot afford just on a spur of the moment decision. Think carefully about what you spend your money one. With the right choices, you will be able to select a piece of jewelry that can be used over and over again.
Choose earrings that match the outfit. As earlier suggested there are many more options for accessories than there are outfits. A good match always starts with a base outfit and builds upward from there.
Consider the kinds of events the attire and earrings will be worn to. A business trip requires a different look than an evening party. A business outing will need classic or traditional earrings. The party is a time for flirty and fun accessories.
Think about any other jewelry or accessories that will be worn with the clothing you are attempting to match. Don’t add too much to the outfit. A necklace worn with large earrings will be too over powering.
Select an earring color that complements the outfit color or takes a color from the print on the outfit. If in doubt, select a neutral color or earrings made from some type of metal. These colors will go with almost any outfit.

Costume Jewelry Adds Style from Head to Toe

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Contrary to popular belief, costume jewelry is worn by people of all economic and social statuses. Some people have traditionally thought of costume jewelry as an accessory for people who do not have the good fortune of mass wealth. There are a wide variety of design and style. Everyone who wears jewelry has some type of costume jewelry in their wardrobe, even the Royals.
For the common person, costume jewelry does offer an economical way to make a very dramatic statement as well as to keep your clothing up to date. There are many kinds of costume jewelry on the market. Some are offered in limited quantities and these cost more than the pieces found at the local discount store.
As with other types of jewelry, the quality and value of each piece varies greatly. Some designers of costume jewelry sign the pieces and these become more valuable over time than those that are mass produced for cheapness in countries known for poor quality work. The signed piece of costume jewelry is actually a good item to add for giving quality to your current jewelry wardrobe.
Antique costume jewelry is a status symbol that is often a conversation starter. You can identify the piece as estate jewelry when asked where you found the piece. These are good purchases for your own wardrobe because there will not likely be another one worn by other people in your circle. These are very limited due to the time it was since they were last made.
Invest in quality items only, avoid buying too many costume jewelry pieces from your local five and dime. Securing jewelry online is probably the best way to change up the wardrobe and update your style. Focus on pieces that never go out of style or that can be refreshed with a new pendant.

Vary Your Costume Jewelry to Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh

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Purchasing a variety of costume jewelry styles and designs offers unique ways to update your wardrobe. Select quality pieces of jewelry that never go out of style then add in a few fun pieces with them. A well rounded accessory wardrobe includes quality costume jewelry pieces that will withstand the test of time. These are usually classical styled pieces in neutral colors.
Because each season brings in new colors and even new shades of the same color, it is important to keep your base jewelry pieces in colors that are neutral or metal colors. These will be able to go with any color of outfit that you choose. Costume jewelry is so versatile because they are made and designed with such variety, the possibilities are endless. Of course, price is another plus when considering costume jewelry.
Although economics is a good reason to select costume jewelry, remember to get the best quality costume jewelry your budget will allow. This is a sure way to increase the value of your collection over time. Purchasing the cheapest costume jewelry is a sure way to own hundreds of pieces of junk in one year. The pieces that never go out of style are those that are quality pieces made in limited quantities. There are many kinds of elegant designs found in costume pieces. If you live in an area that has a limited selection of jewelry shops, consider looking on the internet. This is a good way to find a large selection from around the world.
If you do decide to shop online, look at many different sources before deciding on a particular source. You want to find a place that offers elegant designs from reputable makers. Find out the return policies and always choose pieces that will not go out of style.

Outsmart Fashion Trends By Building a Wardrobe with Items that Never Go Out of Style

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Avoid being a slave to trends and fashion by building a long term wardrobe of accessories that are certain to stand the test of time and never go out of style. The best way to make sure your closet will still be acceptable next season is to build an arsenal of accessories and jewelry. The jewelry box may be the most important aspect of a woman’s style.
The accessories can mix and match to go with any outfit and even change to look of clothing all together. A perfectly selected piece of jewelry will make a simple day dress transform in to an appropriate dress for an evening dinner. Gold jewelry or other metallic pieces will go with any clothing color or print. You will also be able to use gold pieces with other jewelry colors. Many people do avoid mixing metal types when wearing jewelry. For example, if your earrings are gold, avoid wearing a silver necklace.
Women who want to give a feminine appearance may choose to use jewelry with softer lines and even add a soft colored scarf around the collar. These can be easily changed out to a bold color scarf and jewelry with loud colors of bold lines. The more dramatic the jewelry piece, the more drama your presence will create in the room. If you want attention at any particular event, consider letting your accessories do the talking.
If you are unsure of what to wear consider the following guidelines. Pearl earrings go with anything. Simple studs will make an understated elegant look. If you want drama you will need to go with something else. Consider taking a crystal brooch and including it in a grouping of two or more on the same shoulder. A handkerchief or scarf can be worn around the top of any blouse or along the edge of a jacket. This softer look minimizes lines and wrinkles on older women.