Fashion Tips for Gadget Geeks

If you are a gadget geek, you are really lucky. The world of gadgets has been brimming with new portable devices during the last ten years. This means you can make a strong fashion statement by owning your favorite gadgets to fit your personality and clothing.

Here are two fashion tips for gadget geeks to attract like-minded geeks and become a highly-regarded member of the geek social scene.

1. Color of Your Gadget

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The color of your Android gadget is an important part of the fashion statement you make.

Take smartphones as an example. If you have a sunny and bubbly personality, you want to make sure you have a bright-colored phone such as Samsung Galaxy Note.

If you are a serious professional person of some position or authority, you need a black iPhone 4S or an HTC Rezound.  If you are a cute female who wants to express her feminine side, a pink or purple smartphone is great for you. For people who are conscious of and sensitive to the environment and climate change, green is the preferred color for their gadgets.

2. Size and Shape of the Gadget

If you are a high-end professional geek, you want to make sure you carry a gadget which reflects your status. A 17-inch Android tablet or a Macbook Pro will make a fine fashion statement. On the other hand, if you are a female college student, you may want a pink tablet with a large nine-inch screen.

If you are a painter or an art connoisseur, a drawing tablet loaded with apps for making both 2-D and 3-D drawings and concepts with an electronic touch brush is an ideal tool.

For gadget geeks in their 40s or 50s, you do not want your gadgets to look too juvenile, but more staid, slim and lightweight. Hence, a silver colored notebook PC with an 11.5-inch screen would be an ideal choice for you.

See if you prefer shoes and clothes from chic manufacturers which go along with the color and form factor of your smartphone. There is also a bit of variation between gadget geeks who dress, behave, and socialize depending upon their preference for smartphones and apps. The Android market vs. Apple app store rivalry allows consumers to get a wide array of choice on gadgets and apps that help them express their fashion statements.


For gadget geeks, fashion matters just as much as the smartphone and tablets that they use. The colors, shapes, size and form factor gadget geeks prefer on their Android tablets or smartphones have become important considerations when choosing gadgets especially today that these modern devices have ceases to become tools of technology and have turned into fashion trends as well.

Pack Light, Don’t Check a Bag

Standing in line at the baggage claim is the last thing you want to do after you get off a long plane ride. Add to that the chance of lost luggage and the fact that many airlines charge a hefty fee for checked luggage, and you can see why many people wish to avoid checking bags altogether. However, can you really travel with just a carry on? Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

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Ditch the Liquids

Standard air travel guidelines require that a liquid container in a carry-on bag not exceed 3.4 ounces. You can have multiple three-ounce bottles, but all containers must fit in a single one-quart clear zip-top bag. Buy travel-sized containers of toothpaste, shampoo and hair gel. Better yet, if you are visiting family, call ahead and ask your hosts if they have toiletries that you can use. If you’ll be in a hotel, most establishments offer at least some of these products, so plan to use what they provide. They might not have the brand of shampoo you prefer, but if it saves you from checking your bag, it might be worth it to forgo your favorite for a few days.

Select the Right Shoes

Shoes are bulky and take up a lot of space in your bag. Wear the most versatile shoes you have. If you can get away with wearing the same pair of shoes in every situation on vacation, you won’t have to worry about bringing an extra pair. In the event that you do need a change of footwear, bring the least-bulky pair of appropriate shoes you have. Of the two pairs, wear the bulkier ones on the plane and pack the slimmer ones in your bag.

Cut Down on Clothes

If you’re only traveling for a few days, packing a change of clothes for every day won’t be an issue. If you wear a pair of pants that can be easily dressed up or down for different occasions, you can pack even fewer outfits. If you’ll be at your destination for a significant amount of time, fitting enough clothes into your carry-on bag can be trickier. If you’re visiting family, you can get around this by packing fewer clothes and using your host’s washing machine. If you’re staying in a hotel, ask the front desk if they have a laundry service. Many hotels offer this service or have a coin-op facility you can use yourself.


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Whether you are looking for flights to New York or a plane to Mexico, flying with less luggage can be achieved with a few simple considerations.

How to Find a Cat Woman Costume Appropriate for Teens

It’s a great time of year when the summer gives way to cooler weather, the kids head back to school, and the holidays are just around the corner. As this time approaches, kids are not concerned only about the supplies they’ll need for their new classes. They also start to think about the fun they will have dressing up when Halloween arrives.

As parents, we want our teenagers to continue to enjoy this time of year when they can still indulge in dress up and have a good time at school and with their friends. We may even dress up ourselves to keep the spirit of the holiday alive in our homes and neighborhoods. But there is a concern that our teenagers—particularly our female teenagers—start thinking about dressing up in some questionable costumes.

When they were younger, dressing them up as a princess was fun and entertaining for them and for their folks. Once they become teens, however, their tame costume choices often give way to more exotic and imaginative alternatives.

If you’ve shopped online—or in department stores—you’re well aware of the racy options available to teens and adults who want to dress up for Halloween. But most of us would rather our daughters who have decided to dress up like Cat Woman not slink out of our homes wearing little more than a long tail and plastic ears.

There are ways to circumvent this concern. Many of the less appropriate costumes can be altered at home so that you feel more comfortable when your teen leaves for a party. There are also places online where you can buy a Halloween costume that already looks appropriate for children of that age.

The important thing is to stay involved in these decisions. As parents, our responsibility is to guide them through the decision making process—including what to be on Halloween.

Wedding Insurance

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Neutral Patterns, Endless Rewards

Tweed fabric hanging from hooks.

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A clash of colors, a collision of styles: patterns cling to you with unfortunate persistence. Geometric shapes battle with bold florals; horizontal stripes challenge their vertical counterparts; and the result is a look that lacks all good sense. You’re drenched in fashion (and it simply doesn’t flatter).

Patterns are essential to crafting outfits. They offer visual interest, texture and depth — allowing clothing to spark interest instead of yawns. Choosing more than one style, however, often proves too challenging for would-be fashionistas. Designs contradict each other: overwhelming any figure and causing cringes.

It’s imperative that all shoppers – including you — recognize the need for restraint. Blending patterns requires moderation: with one meant to dominate and all others to complement. There must be a clear focus, with secondary designs offering muted colors and shapes.

Neutral patterns are necessary. These represent textures that seem solid from a distance, their depths indistinguishable until viewed closely. Items like tweed or houndstooth offer relief. They match any style without overwhelming it. All other patterns can be used with them — with these offering subtle hints of variety and nothing more.

The value of neutral patterns is immense: allowing individuals to create outfits that delight, instead of offending strangers with too many bursts of color. These become the cornerstones of entire wardrobes and move from season to season. Their rewards are many.

It’s vital therefore to select neutrals. They tame outfits, allowing them to appear polished rather than erratic — and that’s what every style maven wants.


The Evolution of Fashion and Style

One could say that the evolution of fashion and style is circular. What was hip yesterday usually finds its way into today’s fashions. Skinny is oh, so 60s. Polo shirts were the rage in the 1980s, and pearl button plaid shirts rocked the redneck look from the 1930s to present day. A few tweaks in colors, patterns and fabrics, and the old is suddenly new.

The T-Shirt As a Lasting Fashion Icon

In the 1950s the t-shirt became an iconic article of clothing made famous by men like James Dean. It was the sign of rebellion and rock and roll, and it still holds on to its status today. Everyone has their fair share of cool t-shirts, but prints mixed with memorable logos make today’s tee a stand-out fashion statement.

It’s amazing how a simple cotton pullover top can represent so many facets of style. A ribbed tank suggests street savvy. The polo still champions the classy look, and the t-shirt with a logo points to individuality and personal cultural tastes. Whether it’s paired with chinos, jeans or a blazer, it is the one item of clothing that men have been able to carry with them throughout the evolution of fashion. Republic keeps the evolution accessible with great designs and prices.

How To Keep Your T-Shirts Evolving

It’s a ubiquitous article of clothing, but it’s possible to wear a tee right out of fashion. Fortunately, t-shirts are an affordable way to keep up with the latest trends. They are definitely the smart way to go. For just a few bucks, you can let the t-shirt evolve the man.

Shop Till You Drop With Sample Sales

With sample sales, stores sells off the samples they have from a particular designer. They usually occur at the end of the season to make room for the next season’s clothes. If you are attending sample sales in New York, Toronto or Los Angeles, make sure you do your homework before the sale. They get crowded in a hurry. These tips should help.

Find out the exact date of the sample sale and mark it on your calendar. There are a lot of them happening at once, so get the correct date for the sales you want to attend. Use sites such as Canada 411 to make sure you have the right addresses for the stores where you want to shop.


Come to the sample sale in comfortable shoes and clothes so that there are no distractions while you shop. The stores get crowded and people get irritable sometimes. If you go feeling relaxed and comfortable, you will be able to make better decisions under pressure.


Know which designers you prefer before you go shopping. Some designers may not be consistent with your style and other designers’ clothes may not fit you well. Use your time wisely at a sample sale–it will be crowded and people will be eager to get their hands on the limited items that are available.

Remember, you cannot return these items. Make sure you are confident in the purchases you make. If in doubt, make sure the money you spend is money that you are willing to lose.


Patterns, Perception and You

An "aloha shirt," popular in Hawaii ... 

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It’s interesting the effect that certain patterns can have on one’s perception. Fashion designers have to keep this in mind, as do the consumers. It’s not enough simply to assess which color goes with what, or what pattern looks good on the mannequin. It’s also necessary to put the clothing on a human body, preferably several, and note the various effects.


Stripes are a good example. The direction of the stripes actually accentuates the body’s physical features, as much as does the cut of the fabric. Horizontal stripes can make someone look wider – generally a fashion no-no. Vertical stripes, by analogy, suggest height, just as high heels appear to lengthen the leg. It’s an illusion, but a persuasive one. It lends further credence to the idea that reality is shaped by perception.


Then there are the psychological associations with certain patterns. One might even call them stereotypes. Certain patterns are tied to particular personalities. For example, the checkered shirt brings to mind lumberjacks, ruggedness and cold climates. Hawaiian shirts, as one might expect, suggest the tropical climes of those who are most known for wearing them. But it’s not just lumberjacks who wear checkered shirts, and people from all locales wear Hawaiian clothing.


Where do these perceptions come from? It’s a chicken-and-egg question. Do people associate certain clothes with certain personalities because people of that personality (or geographic location) were the ones to popularize it? Or does that have only tangential relevance, and the real culprit is the exaggeration of pop-culture? If TV portrays certain people as wearing Hawaiian shirts, those who watch TV might associate the one with the other. It’s hard to say.

Trends: Rules to Follow

In Following the Fashion (1794), James Gillray...

Style is evolutionary. It changes with the seasons; it redefines itself through patterns. There are no limits to its potential or its costs. Fashion is not an easily won ideal. It demands money . . . and you regrettably lack that particular resource.

It is important therefore to understand the need for bargain shopping: especially when considering trends.

Recognize Silhouettes

Trends are fickle your body is not. This is a truth that must be understood. While styles may change each month, your figure remains the same, and it is important to understand what designs most flatter it. Choosing trends simply for their popularity is a mistake. You must instead only purchase what is tailored to your shape to avoid wasting dollars on what cannot be worn.

Consider Cheaper Fabrics

The rules of fashion have forever dictated choosing only the best materials. Trends, however, defy this. These designs are fleeting, destined to be replaced within a year. It is best to select items that are woven from less costly fibers. They are not to be purchased with the same care as wedding rings because they’re not permanent.

Pay in Cash

Credit is an easy notion and a far easier temptation. It is also, however, a source of great frustration and should be avoided when purchasing trends. These pieces shouldn’t dominate your wardrobe. They should instead merely complement it and should be selected carefully for each season. Paying in cash allows you to maintain a budget, letting you buy only what is needed rather than succumbing to indulgence.

These suggestions can help you overcome the complexities of trends and simply enjoy them.

4 Must Have Purses for Summer


Image by Flor de Maria Fashion via Flickr

No summer outfit is complete without a handbag. There are 4 must-have purses for summer. When you think about handbags this summer, you want to think vibrant, bold, and beautiful. Some of the most fashionable handbags have been coming out this season.

The number-one must-have handbags are the bright over-the-shoulder handbags that have roses on the side. They have ruffles, and some of them have rhinestones, as well. These purses tell you that life is full and joy is blooming. They come in great colors like turquoise, melon, red, and pink. If you are looking for discounts, is a great place to find deals on this particular style.

Micheal Kors is another must have. Fringe is in again. Many women love these leather and fringed handbags. These purses are a new spin on the style that was popular in the 70′s. They are a fantastic bargain right now and are contrasting the bold and bright, but their personality really shows through. You can find these on, as well.

Another great fringe handbag in the traditional and classy black is a Carla Mancini. This is a great fashion accessory and will look good with just about any outfit.

Junior Drake is the fourth and final must-have handbag this summer. It is a more mild, colder take on the leather and rose design, but it is toned down and comes in a beautiful scarlet or black. These are very popular, and many women love them so much that they by more than one.